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Huxley Corporate is a speciality advisory consultancy headed up by its founder – Greg Huxley – and supported by a tight group of seasoned experts and professionals. These individuals can be called upon to bring their specialised insights, knowledge, and experience to a diverse range of varied transactions.

Greg Huxley has various and extensive experience in property, finance, business law, insolvency, and management, with a strong, disciplined finance and accounting perspective. Being a chartered accountant holding a Master of Business Law, Greg Huxley is an Associate Member of the Taxation Institute, Governance Institute of Australia, and a founding member of the Institute of Corporate Restructuring Accountants. Greg is constantly learning and studying (he is currently undertaking two separate master’s degrees) and studies hard to stay on top of the complex business laws and regulations, covering the broad range of finance, property, insolvency, and business transactions.

These solid technical and professional qualifications are supported by a diverse and sometimes chequered career as a warrior, spanning nearly 50 years. These affiliations have equipped Greg Huxley with the experience to handle a diverse range of business assignments both locally and internationally.

Financing for structures in a diverse range of property and business scenarios is complex. Greg Huxley’s wide-spanning experience, covering a range of industries over many years, equips him with industry knowledge and qualifications to bring insights and solutions to the table.

More often than not, Huxley Corporate are assisting the underdog and those facing tough situations often with nowhere else to go, Greg Huxley takes on transactions and business problems that often seem insurmountable. Greg’s diverse range of qualifications and unique business skills are often what is needed to re-think, examine, what-if? to resolve and restructure what otherwise might seem simply too hard. Having taken more kicks than most, Greg Huxley and his team know how to fight back – with the simple motto: if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

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Clients & Testimonials

Our clients love us! But don’t just take our word for it – read testimonials!

I’ve been a banker and been CEO of a major mezzanine loan fund for many years. I engaged Greg Huxley to assist with mortgage acquisitions and assignments. These are complex transactions and his commercial experience in property, finance, and the law contributed positively to the successful outcomes we achieve.
CEO bank and finance
I run a busy practice and retain Greg Huxley and some of his team to provide a range of support services in special, complex transactions covering real estate, finance and tax issues. His team have also provided litigation support including analysis and strategic advice. They have been instrumental in successful outcomes in a range of matters including taxation objections, corporate and property restructuring and litigation support.
Accountant, NSW
I was faced with daunting litigation. I was referred to Greg Huxley who assisted me with strategy, review of documentation, and process control. Without his active hands-on participation, I would have not achieved the successful outcomes that I did.
Managing Director, Manufacturing, Sydney
My business was under threat. I was referred to Huxley who was quick to get on top of the issues and work out a strategy. He has a fearless work ethic and I worked with him over a number of months gradually turning my situation around. Those problems are now behind me and I’ve moved into a new venture. Huxley and his team contributed valuable experience and insight and I have no hesitation in using them again in other projects.
Business owner, Sydney