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Having been on both sides of the fence, Greg Huxley knows what it is like to battle with the big end of town. He understands how the system can simply become overwhelming, when you or your business, is under attack. Greg’s unique and diverse skills, qualifications, and experience are often called upon to work through complex commercial disputes or court processes, guiding you and your business through to the right outcome. Greg Huxley has a wide range of commercial and professional resources that may be called upon to see your problem through to a successful outcome. It is about bringing clarity to situations where often you are simply too close to the problem, too immersed financially or often emotionally, to see clear and often obvious solutions.

There are now new debtor in possession regulations available to help smaller businesses in trouble. The emotional and financial stress of losing it all. The reality of failing, where you cause harm to not only family, business colleagues, and suppliers, which can potentially all be avoided if you can negotiate a sensible second chance. Good businesses do not have to fail. They did not plan to fail, often they have simply failed to plan. Greg Huxley has the knowledge and experience to help you through these complex issues by using the legislative tools available. Often, liquidators and administrators have no real incentive in helping you through – they can often become hopelessly conflicted – their benefit often becomes generating their professional fees and before you know, your priorities and the best interests of those who matter become last on the list. Do not let this happen to you. Let  Greg Huxley look at your situation and just perhaps there might be a better way to get you through.debtor in possession regulations

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